First apperance | Pg.63 / (06.21.19)
Version | Scene
Role | Support Character
Addition No./date | No.10 / (07.09.2019)
First apperance | Pg.63 / (06.21.19)
Version | Fusion
Role | Promo
Addition No./date | No.13 / (09.01.19)
Full Name | Skiah / #22
First apperance | Pg.63 (06.21.19)
??? | ???
Role | Support Character
Addition No./date | No.10 / (07.09.2019)


Skiah, currently a member of the Impulse Research Department (I.R.D for short). On normal days, she can be found quietly working away the hours within the confines of the I.R.D. Her ranking within the I.R.D is #22 (The lower the number, the more valuable a person is Impulse as a whole). These rankings rarely fluctuate throughout a person’s stay at the I.R.D and typically are permanent.


Above is an example of one of the many trails, that hopeful candidates are put through in order to join the ranks of the I.R.D.


A candidate is placed in a room made entirely of scripts, being fed by a massive supply of Enki. The candidate must work with this stream (as going against it would result in certain death), in order to form a connection with the larger script base network outside of the room.

From there, they connect with test practitioners, to be given a series of task to preform. Which can involve fixing broken parts of the network, recreating missing chunks, or a variety of other fun activities.



The beginning of this test isn’t judged, just the latter portions once the subject has formed a connection. The reason being, making the connection requires having a firm understanding of the underlying principles, that the technological systems of Impulse are base off of. Anyone not shown capable of this aren’t put through the test… as they would perish.


While physical contact isn’t needed as a catalyst to preform this manipulation; some find it easier when they actually have the ability to touch what they’re controlling. (As shown above with Skiah.)


Interestingly enough, this portion of the road to became a member of the I.R.D, is a very early stretch. Most participants at this stage are still quite in the dark about the I.R.D’s inner workings.


To take the test you must be a citizen of Impulse. Natural born citizens are preferred but outsiders have been requited.