First apperance | Pg.7 (01.01.19)
Version | D.F.C
Role | Support Character
Addition No./date | No.3 / (04.15.2019)
First apperance | Pg.7 (01.01.19)
Version | Scene
Role | Promo
Addition No./date | No.12 / (08.22.19)
Full Name | Giniss
First apperance | Pg.7 (01.01.19)
??? | ???
Role | Support Character
Addition No./date | No.3 / (04.15.2019)


Giniss or his preferred codename “Number 5”,
once a wanderer with little to live for,
found new life in the city with a pulse...


Giniss, once a wanderer of ill-begotten fate. To this day, unsure of where he exactly hails from. Most of his upbringing, was riddled with hardships, which saw him eventually going off on his own.

Having no formal training, he’d run off of instinct- Hunting for settlements unable to do so themselves, providing protection for any who’d seek him out. There were many times his potential, caught the eye of the unsavory type, but he refused to ever join leagues with such men- An aversion Giniss’s formed during his childhood.

So Perhaps- the change in paths he would soon make, was destined from the very beginning.

Famine struck, most of the settlements Giniss look to as a lifeline, where on the brinks themselves.

Weeks.. Months?

He did what he could to feed those in need, even going without food himself, but-

Many still died.

Desperate or simply not wanting to be there when the life finally left their bodies- Giniss with the remainder of his strength, went on one last hunt for food.

Two days, two nights- he’d spend fruitless.

On the verge of collapsing, the sound of fighting in the distance caught his ear. Slowly he made his way to the sounds, until finally, the madness came into full view. A small group of people, outsiders from their clothing, beaten- some no longer breathing.

Silent, in a trance Giniss stood. Not really sure of his surroundings, not really sure of anything for that matter.

Strange devices littered the now bloodied soil, shooting out sparks. One such device, close enough to send a jolt through the delirious Giniss. A shock to the system for sure but that was not what overtook his senses.


Frantically, he began to look around reabsorbing the scenery with his regained faculties. This bloody landscape, filled with unfamiliar faces, and some not so unfamiliar- Men, who he had clashed with in the past. Anger quickly began swell within him as the screaming persisted.

Instruments laid about, breaking beneath the weight of his unsteady feet. A jolt, followed by a pause. Then another jolt, another pause. Until there was no halt to the barrage of light, relentlessly striking his body, but this did not stop his advance...

It only intensified it.

No longer struggling to run, he was in full charge.

Finally- garnering the attention of those causing such dreadful screams. A sudden stillness befall before the air was once again filled with screams.

Giniss remembers very little about that night. Falling unconscious at the end of his rampage and awaking months later in impulse’s care. When fully recovered, he’d make a trip back to that now empty village, and rediscover that night.

Life in Impulse

It took time but Giniss adjusted to impulse- occasionally still bewildered by their interest in him.

He’d spend most of his days as nothing more than a punching bag for whatever experiments the I.R.D could come up with- all voluntary. Though it was hard work it was nothing compared to his past life.

Overtime, he started to no longer be just a guinea pig. He grew adept to their methods, even embracing some of them as his own. While the advent of the suits might not have been that far off. Giniss was instrumental in expediting their creation.

Slowly he gain recognition within the I.R.D. Leading to breakthroughs such as more refined testing grounds (like seen in Skiah’s profile ▷ here ◁).


No longer brought in for mere experiments- Giniss has attained position among the elites within the I.R.D., only to be called on when a high level of expertise is needed.

Daily, he finds himself as the leader of the Impulse Enforcers. Enforcers who routinely patrol the outskirts of the city; as not much order needs to be kept within the city.

On his days off he can be found simply enjoying the city in alone. His interactions outside of work involve a few peers and students he’s taught over the years. Out of the two brothers (Lanse/Lammeric) he only has a personal relationship with Lanse.

Moments (images)

The first Image depicts him as he’s seen in Rhime.

The second his days of being a “guinea pig”.


- The blue deformations of his body are what a person’s body looks like within the suits seen in the comic.

- Giniss is currently seeing if he can maintain his arm without the assistance of the lab techs.

- The above is a feat highly dependent on the suit's constant assistance. Without it, a person would find such an act to be quite strenuous.

- One of the purposes of this research was to maintain this “energetic state” in the hopes of interfacing with creations such as the suits (seen in the comic).